10mg – 60 capsules

RAD X is for pushing past your limitations. Whether you’re trying to build more muscle or burn more fat, you need to add RAD X to your routine. Also known as Testolone, or RAD 140, RAD X is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is highly effective and incredibly safe to use. The SARM shares the positive effects of steroids without having any of the negative side effects.



There are only a few studies on RAD X, some of which have involved human testing. One such study showed the benefits of RAD X for cancer patients who were suffering from weight loss. RAD X was used in the study due to its unique method of selecting and binding muscle tissue. The study concluded that RAD X is stable and has a high bioavailability along with a very high anabolic nature. The first stage of the study concluded that RAD X successfully increased muscle tissue in patients who were experiencing muscle wastage due to cancer. Being able to encourage muscle tissue in a cancerous body is no small feat. The study also found that RAD X provided an increase in overall stamina, faster development of muscles, a decrease in risk of prostate cancer, effective protection from muscle wastage, and healthier/stronger bones.



RAD X affects hormonal receptors in the muscle tissue by making them act as if they were getting a hit of testosterone. This process is similar to how steroids work, but without the associated negative side effects. Essentially, RAD X provides a small increase in testosterone which causes anabolic effects such as the increase of muscle mass and the burning of fat. This effect of this SARM is similar to a large dose of testosterone, but without the associated health risks.

As a SARM, RAD X binds to the androgen receptors without converting dihydrotestosterone (DHT) into estrogen. The conversion of DHT to estrogen is a side effect commonly seen with steroids, and this conversion can lead to unwanted physical traits including an increase in body fat, loss of hair, growth of female breasts in men, and more. The significant anabolic effect achieved by RAD X is due to the fact that it targets both bone and muscle receptors in the body. This supplement excels in developing and protecting muscle tissue – two factors that are highly valued by bodybuilders!



RAD X increases muscle mass in a short period of time. The supplement is effective at keeping testosterone levels normal, particularly for people who cycle it with other supplements. RAD X is effective for maintaining and increasing strength, which makes it a great tool for adding bulk. Furthermore, RAD X doesn’t harm the liver, although users should be sure to include a SARM free cycle period to allow proper recovery and restoration of normal testosterone levels.



RAD X has seen frequent use as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy for men with low testosterone. Because RAD X does not target the prostate in any form, it is impossible to develop prostate cancer from using it.



Studies show that RAD X is effective for increasing muscle mass gains and preventing muscle wastage. Whether you’re bulking or cutting, RAD X is a useful SARM to add to your routine. You can make impressive gains without suffering any adverse side effects.



RAD X plays a key role in a cutting routine due to its ability to protect muscle mass. You will likely experience a miniscule amount of muscle wastage during this phase of your training as your body will be experiencing a calorie deficit. When in a calorie deficit, the body begins to consume muscle tissue for energy. There are two ways to stop this from happening. If you use casein protein as a supplement, it will take the body longer to absorb it, making it a more sustainable energy source. You can combine this with RAD X to further protect your gains.



RAD X is a SARM that works best when coupled with a high protein diet and an adequate workout routine. These three factors will keep your muscles consistently stimulated, which they need to grow. Keeping your muscles stimulated can be as simple as changing up little things in your routine. Altering how many sets you do, how many reps per set, the rest time between sets, and the weight you lift for each set are all great ways to keep things interesting. Don’t be afraid to try a new workout either.



Stacks well with other SARMS as well as protein supplements such as casein or whey.